Sunday Stills: Landscapes from The Great Barrier Reef to Machu Picchu.

Ed’s Sunday Stills Challenge this week, is ‘Landscapes’, which is a pretty all-encompassing subject. It can be anything from mountains and hills, to rivers, lakes and oceans, as well as indigenous vegetation, and even human elements, such as buildings and structures which help define the self-image of a region, and make it unique.

My first pic was taken from the Kuranda Skyway, overlooking the lush, tropical, World Heritage-listed rainforest in Queensland Australia.


Here is a view from ‘Cook’s Look’, the highest peak on Lizard Island, a national park on the Great Barrier Reef. Captain Cook named the island when he visited it in 1770Β  and remarked, “The only land animals we saw here were Lizards, and these seemed to be pretty plenty.” It is said that he climbed the peak to help him chart a course out to sea through the maze of reefs which confronted him.


Here is the stunning landscape that we saw whilst cruising past Hinchinbrook Island, one of the world’s largest island national parks. With its myriad of natural vegetation such as lush rainforest, rugged mountains and mangrove swamps, it’s considered to be the jewel of Queensland’s national parks.


Hopping across to Bali, the most famous of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands, we see the beautiful rolling landscape of the lush green rice terraces. Balinese rice cultivators are famed all over the world for their efficient use of irrigation water, and the rich volcanic soil also contributes to consistently high yields of their crops.


One of the most truly awe-inspiring landscapes I’ve ever seen, is Machu Picchu, which you may have noticed, I have used as my blog background.


This 15th century Inca site is situated almost 8,000 feet above sea level, and was built on a mountain ridge overlooking Sacred Valley, some 50 miles northwest of Cusco in Peru.


Well, that’s all the landscapes I have time for today, as I must now go and pack for our trip to see our family in New Jersey. We leave tomorrow morning, and get back late on Tuesday.Β  It’s Sienna’s 8th birthday party on Sunday, so all very exciting. I may not be around much, but you can be sure I’ll have some pics for you when I get back.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my landscapes for Ed’s Challenge. To see more entries, and perhaps join in, just click here.




72 comments on “Sunday Stills: Landscapes from The Great Barrier Reef to Machu Picchu.

  1. Fantastic AD . Particlularly like your Queensland photos ! We stayed along the coast and managed a trip out to the Reef and Whitehaven Beach . Unforgettable .
    That lush green of Bali !!

  2. Gorgeous travel shots (as usual!!!) But I’m glad you’ll be heading up north, hopefully in time to catch the autumn colors. Have fun!

  3. Stunning photos! As beautiful as each is, standing there, viewing each in person, must have been breath taking. Thanks for sharing.

  4. awesome photos…would love to visit but couldn’t to the height thing…have a wonderful time with family! Happy 8th Birthday to Sienna!

    • Thanks so much, Heather. Yes, you wouldn’t want to go there if you’re afraid of heights. 😦 I’m so excited to see the three American grand kids again. πŸ™‚

      • I’ve a motion balance issue that makes it very unpleasant and in most case impossible to do heights, or motion, so boating and swimming are out as well…but I love to be there through your photos! Enjoy your family! πŸ™‚

  5. We live on a beautiful planet –

    β€œIf we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees. ” Rainer Maria Rilke

  6. I just love the blue of the water in North Queensland. I recall going to Lizard Island for the day many years ago. Flying over the reef was simply amazing and the water was so very blue. That photo of yours really captures the colour. Well done.

  7. Lovely landscapes – all of them. Cook must have been feeling cheery on the day he named the island after lizards, most of his place names seem to be quite depressing – Desolate Point etc.

    • No, I think he was actually not in a good mood. because he was complaining that the only animals there were lizards. Maybe he was hoping for fresh meat supplies for his crew. πŸ™‚

  8. Those shots are amazing. I remember being on that SkyRail ride when I went to Cairns. It was a great view. But I have to say that Bali shot is awesome! Bali…that reminds me of Eat, Pray, Love.

  9. Gorgeous! I finally made it to Machu Picchu last summer, and am waiting for a quiet moment to post about it, but I totally agree with you about its majesty and grandeur.

  10. Bali, is a favourite place for holidays for the Hollanders who can afford to go there, like some of my cousins.
    Have fun with the family and I’ll be out of touch for a while too, with the pending move next week.

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