Capture the Colour Competition, 2013

Georgia of ‘Rainbow Bakery ‘ blog, nominated me to take part in the Capture the Colour competition. The idea is quite simple. You just have to publish a blog post showcasing five of your favourite travel photographs which best capture the colour of these five categories: red, blue, green, yellow and white.

I think the deadline is tonight, so here goes with my entry.

My red photo was taken by my somewhat incredulous husband when we were on holiday in Thailand last year. Yes, that’s me up there. I don’t know quite what got into me, but I just had to do it.Β  πŸ™‚


My blue photo is a close-up shot of a female Cassowary at the Kuranda Bird Park in Cairns, Australia. “Here’s looking at you, mate.”


The rice terraces in Bali are the brightest green you could possibly imagine.


This yellow OrchidΒ  was one of the many gorgeous specimens at the National Orchid Garden in Singapore.


For my white photo, I chose this one taken from the pristine deck of theΒ  boat which took us out on a scuba-diving trip at Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.


90 comments on “Capture the Colour Competition, 2013

  1. These are all wonderful & perfect, Sylvia! I think Blue is my favorite BUT Red gets a courtesy nod because that’s YOU up there! Bravo to you!

  2. They’re all great and I think you’re pretty brave in that first shot, but I must say that the bird really stands out. Such fascinating looks and you captured it very well πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much, Inga. I think that was the bravest thing I’ve ever done, and it was purely on impulse. When I think about it now, I think I must have been crazy. πŸ˜€

  3. Gorgeous pics AD!!
    I’ve always wanted to do that surfing thing myself – don’t know if I’ll ever have the gumption to though πŸ˜‰

  4. tutte immagini splendide, devo dirti che anche io ho volato, ma con il parapendio sulle montagne, Γ¨ una sensazione incredibile, anche se da principio ho avuto male allo stomaco, e tu che sensazione hai avuto?

    all beautiful pictures
    I have to tell you that I too have flown, but with paragliding the mountains, is an amazing feeling, though at first I had bad stomach, and you feel you’ve had?

  5. really love the ‘white’ one Sylvia…but man you took your life in your hands with the blue…those birds are vicious and so quick

  6. What a fabulous cassowary shot. So clear and crisp and from such close range. Aren’t they supposed to be s bit aggressive? Very well done.

      • Well yes I was told to be careful and not to get too close. I love animals, birds, lizards, dogs…all of them. But I believe the cassowary has a rather sharp spur on their inner toe which they will use to attack both dogs and people if provoked. All’s good though as you managed to get away safely anyway! Great picture though.

  7. Great shots, Ad, but the winner has to be that first one, just for you actually being up there! (but you’ll be disqualified- it’s your husband’s shot! Sssh- I won’t tell πŸ™‚ )
    The shot I’d most like to be in is that last one. Looks idyllic!

  8. You’ve assembled a great collection of photos here. How ever did you summon the courage to go up in the air like that? I could never do it. Not ever! πŸ™‚

  9. Love them all but MOST impressed that you went sailing ! WOW! I hope that wins you a prize as it’s just inspiring ( I don’t have the guts! )

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