Cee’s FFC ‘Wheels’

“The wheel is come full circle.” ~ William Shakespeare

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week, is ‘Wheels’. I’ve had many sets of wheels in my life, and I would really love to show you my first car, a sunshine yellow Triumph Spitfire, and also my two dream cars, a silver and then a redΒ  Jaguar E-Type. Can you believe that I never thought to take any pics of these beauties? I could kick myself!Β  I guess I was too busy enjoying driving them, to think about taking photos.

Anyway, that’s water under the bridge, and as I can’t show you those, here are a few wheel pics that I do have. This pic of a waterwheel driven stamp mill was taken at the 18th century, Poldark Tin Mine in Helston, Cornwall. This is believed to be one of the oldest complete mining works in Great Britain. The mine was worked using horses and water wheels to power all the machinery and to pump water from it.


Here is one of the massive gear wheels.


I saw these wheels yesterday outside our local pharmacy. These huge pick-ups with raised suspension, always make me smile, as the wheels look much too small for the size of the truck.


Here are the wheels that over sixty percent of South Africans rely on for their everyday commute. You really take you life into your hands when travelling in one of these mini-bus taxis. The drivers are well-known for their disregard for the road rules and their proclivity for dangerously overloading their vehicles with passengers.


Here outside a 5 star hotel in my home town, are the wheels which transport our national rugby team, ‘The Springboks’.


A few metres away on our beach promenade is a wheel with a very flat tire. Not much good in an emergency.


I can’t do a wheel challenge without showing you one of our icicle-covered wheels, when we toured Yellowstone. We’d expected that by May, spring would have sprung, but were sorely disappointed. The occasional blizzard and icy road conditions did make for some interesting driving though.


To see more wheels, go to Cee’s blog by clicking on the badge.


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  2. Philippines and Italy have the same crazy driving. The ones I’ve seen on Amazing Race that is the worst is Ghana. All “breath-taking” countries. πŸ˜†

    • Oh yes, I know all about Italian crazy drivers. They’re reckoned to be the worst in Europe. 😯 Breath-taking is certainly the correct term for their driving, and in South Africa often it can take one’s last breath. 😦

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  4. great series AD…isn’t it interesting how something so simple can make fabulous photos combined…we have some of the raised trucks up here as well and they always make me chuckle…they are meant for off road riding but some fellows just like the look.

  5. I would have loved to see the wheels from your two dream cars πŸ™‚ but this post has shown so much and I love all of them. The coolest pic for me is the one with icicles πŸ™‚

  6. A wonderful collection of wheels! Isn’t it amazing to see the collection of water wheels and gears that industry used before electricity became available?

  7. TWO E-type Jags!
    Like you I dont have any photographs of a1957 Cadillac comvertable in shocking pink I had when I lived in New Haven Conn. miss-spent youth, what!

    Love the three legged tractor emergency vehicle…

    • Yes, that was in the late 70’s and early 80’s. What a pity both you and I don’t have pics of our cars. If there had been such a thing as blogs then, I’m sure we’d have ben sure to photograph them. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Gilly. I hadn’t heard them called tro-tros before. Is this a Ghanaian term? I’ve lived in Africa for 43 years, and have never ridden in one. The road-worthiness of these vehicles has been improved, but the drivers in general, have a terrible reputation, and there are so many taxi accidents every day.

  8. Have you ever tried climbing in or out of one of them raised suspension pickups. You need a ladder to do it. How utterly inconvenient.

    • Thanks. I’m sure your first car was your pride and joy. My Spitfire was also quite old, but I loved it so much. The exhaust pipe made a really nice noise. πŸ™‚

  9. Thank you for some morning chuckles Sylvia. The wheels/tyres on that pick up are quite unbelievable. Now I’ve had my little laugh I best go do some work! Oh and I don’t envy you the icy May trip. I bet it was cold.

      • I’ve never been in -8C. Does that mean I haven’t lived yet?
        Coldest I’ve experienced so far is -5 C and that was even a very long time ago. I keep saying I want to see a White Christmas. I look forward to all the pictures on WordPress this Christmas.

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