WPC: Horizon gazing

“Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step; only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon, will find the right road. ~ Doug Hammarskjold

This week, Sara Rosso has invited us to share a photo depicting ‘horizon’.

I have many, as I’m sure you all do, but here are just a few from my travels. I hope you enjoy these.

Looking across Table Bay, from the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, the sky seems to blend seamlessly with the Atlantic Ocean.


This is the road to Sun City, the luxury casino and resort which is about two hours’ drive from Johannesburg, in the North West Province of South Africa.


Hopping across to Cairns, Australia, here is a horizon view from the Kuranda Skyrail rainforest cableway.


We were on a round-the-world trip, so also got to gaze across the sparkling blue waters of Lake Titicaca from the top of Sun Island in Bolivia.


Now for something completely different, here’s a rather chilly spring horizon looking across the hot springs and geysers in Yellowstone Park.


To warm you up just a little, is a British summer horizon which I snapped through the car window, as we travelled through Cornwall in August this year. British summers aren’t what they used to be, but at least we had some blue sky,


which is more than can be said for the gloomy horizon, as we sailed into Rotterdam towards the end of our Rhine cruise later that month.


Have a great weekend.

To see more horizons, you can just click here.






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      • Our lifestyle… the great outdoors… my daughters… my other family… the weather… fishing at my favourite spots in winter wearing shorts an a t-shirt… good red wine, snoek or crayfish on the braai… kudu steaks, Addo Elephant Park… cricket in the summer… the summer… Castle lite… good red wine… the summer… the winter, the bush…
        Yes, you could say I miss SA!! πŸ˜‰

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  2. As majestic and stunningthe falls is I don’t think it sticks out too much in the post. Love the first two pics.
    All pics made me wonder where you are taking each photo from.

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  4. I’ve actually been to two of the places that you’ve mentioned! You better watch out, I’m going to catch up with you on places visited soon πŸ˜‰

  5. quando si spalancano le porte della libertΓ  subito si pensa ad orizzonti infiniti, ed Γ¨ questo che ho respirato nelle tue spettalari immagini
    libertΓ  infinita
    infinitamente grazie

    When you open the doors of freedom immediately thinks of infinite horizons, and this is what I breathed in your spectacular images
    infinite freedom

  6. Lovely horizons, all of them. I waved to my family in Cairns when I got to that photo πŸ™‚ The Sun City horizon made me *homesick* for the landscapes of Africa.

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  10. WINDMILLS! You know I love windmills. But I like your coast pictures better. Lokking afar the horizon and on top makes me feel like Christopher Columbus. I kid. πŸ˜€ Makes me feel liberating.

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  12. You know, horizons are so straight-laced. I love Yellowstone because the horizon is marred with clouds and rocks! There is just something special when the sky bends down to touch us in the face. πŸ™‚

  13. What great horizon you have here AD, all great photos. The quote is so true, I can relate though the horizon always seem so far:-)

  14. Wonderful horizons, all. The first, with just about no visible mankind-meddling, appeals to me most.
    Dag must have tripped and fallen on his nose quite a few times? πŸ™‚

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