The Centenary is almost here.

Here I am in England on a scorching hot summer’s day. It’s 30º C, and my mom-in-law’s garden is probably longing for some rain.


There’s not a cloud in the sky, but happily the weather forecast says the temperature will drop a little in time for the weekend.


In spite of the heat, the fairies continue to dance across the lawn, always observed by the ever-watchful black cats.


The flower pots are looking lovely,


but this waterlily really steals the show.


The cards have started arriving ahead of the centenary birthday celebrations this weekend. So exciting!


Stay tuned for more pics and a report on the proceedings. Tomorrow we will go and pick up the cake, and in the evening, hubby and I are taking the train up to London to meet our son and daughter and their families, who are over from South Africa and the USA, and we’re all going to see the show ‘Wicked’.