Happy 18th birthday, Tamsyn

Today is my oldest grandchild’s 18th birthday. I can’t believe how the years have flown by since I was presented with my first precious granddaughter. She was such a sweet little girl, and one of the cute things I remember about her is how she would sit on my carpet with a little plastic cup filled with popcorn, and eat it so daintily, one piece at a time. It seems that she’s since progressed from popcorn to Belgian waffles.


She doesn’t have to worry about calories though, as her dance and gymnastics really keep her in trim.


I wish I could do the same tricks that she can.


Even when she goes on holiday, she can’t resist trying out her ballet moves in foreign lands, both in warm weather,


and in cooler climes.


She’s a free spirit, who’s always on the go,


and has a wicked sense of humour too. She has so many friends, and is such fun to be with.


She can strike a cool pose at the drop of a hat,


and isn’t afraid to try the latest look.


I wish that I could be there for her Vegas-themed party this coming weekend. I wonder if her costume will be something like this?

Wed 0706 016

So here’s to you, my now not so little twinkle-toes.


Love you to the moon and back. Have an awesome birthday, and an even more amazing party on Saturday. Let the fun begin!