SideView’s weekend theme “Birth”

Sidey’s weekend theme, is “Birth.”  There is no-one, alive or dead who hasn’t experienced the miracle of birth. Those who have ‘merely’ experienced being born, won’t remember a thing about it, but those women amongst us who have given birth, remember every detail. The first time you see and hold your newborn baby, is the most wonderful feeling you will ever have.  It’s no wonder that birthdays are so celebrated in all communities, throughout the world.

Ever wondered how birthday parties came into being? Thousands of years ago, birthdays were considered a time when evil spirits were able to harm you, and even change a person’s life from good to bad. In order to frighten away these malevolent spirits, the family and friends gathered around to keep them at bay, by giving good wishes and presents, and generally making a lot of noise. The custom of lighting candles, originated with people believing that the gods lived in the sky, and could look down, see these lighted signals, and bestow blessings in order to counteract the evil spirits. In more enlightened times, birthday parties are just a joyful time to share life’s milestones with family and friends.

Beginning of life’s exciting journey
I‘m thrust into this wonderful world
Rude awakening to light and air
Tugged from the soft safety of the womb
Hello Mom, Dad, fellow humans.

Side View’s weekend challenge………Tellurian

Sidey’s weekend challenge, had me scratching my head for an idea. A Tellurian is an inhabitant of the earth, or an ‘earthling’, which is a term commonly used in science fiction to identify humans as opposed to extraterrestrials. So what could I say about us mere mortals? There are so many of us crammed onto this planet we call our home, and we’re all different. Just like snowflakes, and even identical twins, there are no two exactly the same.

We all have our own personality, likes and dislikes, thoughts and feelings. The only thing which each of us has in common, is birth and death. So with this thought in mind, I wrote this acrostic poem.


T emporal, this stardust lodger,
E arthbound soul with heavenly fear
L abouring to make a living
L est he cannot feed himself
U nspiritual yet with eternal hope
R acially profiled by his peers
I n all creation he’s unique
A n uncelestial being,
N aked he arrives, and to dust he returns.

Hope you’re all having an awesome weekend. Chat again soon.