Ailsa’s Travel theme: Texture

Ailsa’s travel theme this week, is “Texture,” so I had a scramble through my photos to see what would qualify. I kept coming back to the beautiful animals that we’ve seen on our travels. The different textures of their coats, never cease to fascinate me. We humans just have boring old skin, which if we’re young, is smooth and blemish free, but as we get older, becomes less perfect, and unfortunately we can end up looking rather crumpled and in need of a good ironing.

I guess some animals can do nothing about their wrinkles, and the texture of this elephant which I encountered in Zimbabwe, was very rough indeed.

The texture of Mr. Gerry Giraffe’s face looked very suspect to me, as he welcomed us to the Lion Park in Johannesburg.

Most animals always manage to look beautifully groomed, just like Ravioli my daughter’s cat, whose coat is so silky soft, in spite of her being middle-aged. She’s so gorgeous, and she knows it.

The big cats are just as splendiferous, but I’ve never got close enough to be able to feel the texture of an adult lion. Maybe it’s a good thing, or I probably wouldn’t be sitting here typing this post. 🙂

We were privileged a few weeks ago to be able to pet some cute white lion cubs, and their fur was really soft and cuddly.

My sister has perfected the art of showing the texture of  fur, and you can hardly tell the difference between her paintings and the original photo. This is Hlaba Nkusi,

and here is her little cub.

I love the way you feel as though you could reach out and touch the fur on this painting. The hairs on the ears and chin, and also the whiskers are so realistic.

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