Cee’s FFC: Walks, Indoors or Outdoors

I thought I’d keep the photos for Cee’s new challenge, local. We went for a walk yesterday afternoon along the beachfront past the lighthouse,


a few fishermen,


the luxury ‘Edge of the Sea’ holiday apartments,


and up the hill to the town.


The indoor shopping centre wasn’t at all busy, unlike the pubs and restaurants along the main street.


After making a couple of purchases, we walked home along the top road and down the steep hill past the church. I thought this would make a good shadow photo. ๐Ÿ™‚


This morning it was time to exercise once again, so it was off to the gym. The approach from the car park and the drab grey paintwork, isn’t very cheerful or inspiring, ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


but the front entrance looks just a tad more inviting.


There are a dozen workmen replacing the rusty roof sheeting, and it’s taking them forever to do this. Every time we go, there’s some area of equipment cordoned off, with a sign, “Workmen overhead!” Well if they were really ‘work’men, they’d have finished the job weeks ago.


I just walked into my bedroom to start packing for our trip up to Johannesburg tomorrow to see our daughter and family. There are a lot of ships parked outside our house; just sitting there doing nothing. They’ve been there for days. Our port workers are also very slow. ๐Ÿ™‚


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A windy day in Umhlanga

Last night I slept like the dead, and woke up to brilliant sunshine streaming through the curtains. I jumped out of bed to look out of the window, and was greeted by beautiful blue sky for a change. Fine weather really does lift the spirits, doesn’t it? Yesterday when we arrived home, there was so much to do, and not just the unpacking of our cases. There were piles of dead bodies on the tiles in the dining room! Well, they were very tiny dead bodies, but they needed vacuuming up before I could go to bed. I would not sleep well, knowing there were hundreds of dead ants on the floor downstairs. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today has been really busy, with washing and shopping for food. Of course the cupboards and fridge were like ‘Old Mother Hubbard’s’……..absolutely bare. There was not a single skerrick of food to be found. Then there was the gym membership to sort out, and whilst we were there, we decided we may as wellย  have a good workout. I’ll probably ache all over tomorrow, but too bad, because we’re both going to ‘Cruel Neil’s’ shape class at 9 am. I remember his classes from a couple of years ago. He’s a hard taskmaster, and I could hardly walk down the stairs afterwards. It was nice to go to a gym with lots of young people, instead of the one at our club in Florida, where we’re about the youngest.ย  I’m sure some of the Florida gymmers are well into their eighties, but you have to admire their energy, even if they don’t display impressive muscle tone.

It wasย  really windy today, and these kite surfers were making the most of it.


The beach is looking stunning, and we may have to go and sit on it tomorrow. It’s been a while.


Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Shadows

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is ‘Shadows’, and I was thinking that I would really be hard pressed to find any shadow pics in my albums. However, I suddenly realised that my blog header, when uncropped, has a great shadow. This was me on an idyllic vacation in Bora Bora, an island in French Polynesia.


One afternoon, we went across the reef to another small island, which as it turned out, had nothing of interest, and nowhere to even buy a drink. I knew then how people marooned on a desert island must feel. I sat in the only bit of shade I could find, reading my book for a few hours until thankfully, our boat returned to ferry us back to the resort.


Here is the shadow under the pier in my South African hometown of Umhlanga Rocks. I’ll be back there next month, and one of the first things we will do is go for walk along the beach and up onto the pier to watch the waves. I’ve really missed them.


On the same beach, this seagull also casts his own shadow as he proudly struts along the sand.


Here in Delray Florida, the sea birds also drag their shadows along the sand as they search for food. I think these may be Storm Petrels.


Here in Pompeii, the shadows cast by these ancient walls, must have been seen day after day by its citizens, as they went about their daily business, until that fateful day in AD 79, when Mount Vesuvius erupted, burying the whole city under 4-6 metres of ash and pumice.


Something far more up-to-date, are the shadows of the flags of British Airways cabin crew protesting just outside London about job cuts, and working conditions.


These weird-looking shadows in the town square in Nassau in the Bahamas, are from a very tall tree with bare branches. Also note the shadows of the air conditioners below the windows.


Lastly, here’s a structure you’ll all recognise. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, casts its shadow on the 180 foot tall Baptistery, which is made entirely of marble, and dedicated to St John the Baptist. Although it doesn’t look it here, the Baptistery is actually a few centimetres taller than the leaning tower.


Hope you enjoyed my shadow pics which I didn’t think I had. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sunday Post: My Favourite Spot.

Jake’s Sunday Post theme this week is, “My Favourite Spot,” and we are invited to share with other bloggers, somewhere that is special to us; some place where we feel comfortable and content to be.

As some of you know by now, I live next to the Indian Ocean along the east coast of South Africa. The beach is almost on my doorstep, and quite literally too, as I quite often have to sweep the sand from my patio, after we’ve had windy weather.

Walking either on, or next to the beach is a favourite recreation, and hubby and I often do this. There’s always something to catch my eye, and a never-ending parade of ships waiting their turn for the harbour in Durban.

Most of the time, the beach is almost deserted, except for a few fishermen, and the odd beachcomber.

When I’m away in Florida, I really miss this familiar sight.

I love to walk out along the beautiful new pier.

There are lovely mosaics set into the concrete, each one different from the next.

Right at the end of the pier, is a grating, through which one can watch the waves as they crash onto the rocks beneath.

Another kilometer further down the promenade, and you will come to the edge of the nature reserve, where if you’re lucky, vervet monkeys can be seen playing in the trees.

When the day is really hot and sunny, this shady stretch of path is my favourite part of the walk.

Sometimes my legs are feeling tired and I’m dying for a cup of tea, but I know that by the time I get to this point, I’m over half way home. ๐Ÿ™‚

This morning, we went to my favourite spot in the mall for a bite to eat,

and tomorrow we’ll be off up the hill to my favourite place for Sunday lunch. My sister’s dog Dingo, will be sure to come out to greet us.

I hope you’re all having a splendid weekend doing some of your favourite things at your favourite spots.

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Jake’s Sunday Post: Morning.

Jake’s new theme, morning, made me think of breakfast. Often when I go to bed at night, I will mention to hubby what I think we should eat for breakfast. To me it’s the meal I most look forward to.

This weekend, we had two breakfasts, which were both quite memorable, but for entirely different reasons. On Saturday, we went off up the hill to pick up my dear mom, and take her out for a late breakfast. We went to one of our favourite restaurants in a shopping mall near to where she lives. The waiter came and took our drinks orders; one large orange juice for me, a pot of tea for mom, and a mega cappuccino for hubby. Whilst we waited, we chatted and perused the menu. The waiter eventually arrived with the drinks on a tray, off-loaded mom’s pot of tea, and then somehow managed to tip the entire contents of myย  glass of orange juice, plus the mug of cappuccino, all over the table and into hubby’s lap. Poor hubby sat there soaked in orange-flavoured coffee, whilst the waiter stood there in petrified horror. Luckily for mom and I, the table had a slight incline in hubby’s direction, so we largely escaped the disaster, but as I found out later, when I went to get my iPhone out of my shoulder bag, and encountered very damp notebook and tissues, I didn’t escape entirely. Mom had a few splashes on her shoes, which didn’t really matter, as she has absent-mindedly come out in her old gardening shoes. ๐Ÿ™‚ We of course moved to another table, and the manager came to apologise profusely, and told us that our drinks were on the house. The waiter was in such a state that he forgot to bring us new menus. Our drinks were delivered very carefully, one at a time, by the manager himself, who wasn’t taking any chances of a recurrence. After all that, we did have a very enjoyable meal, and hubby’s dark jeans and jersey didn’t show any obvious stains, although he did smell rather delicious.

This morning was so beautiful, and it was such a novelty to have bright sunshine after all the rain we’ve experienced this past week. We decided to take a walk along the beach promenade before breakfast. There were many people who had the same idea, and we saw cyclists, dog walkers, mom’s running with babies in strollers, joggers, and couples like ourselves out for a leisurely stroll.

The fishermen were as usual, out in force.

We only got as far as the old life-guards station which has been turned into a restaurant since the new one was built. There was such a delicious smell wafting out of the open kitchen window, that we just couldn’t resist, and went in for breakfast. We sat ourselves down at a table overlooking the beach.

At the next table, was our doctor, a renowned health fanatic, who has told me on occasion, of the beneficial effects of drinking green tea. He was having a beer for breakfast. Caught him in the act. ๐Ÿ™‚ We decided to have fresh orange which had to be fetched from the bar. Well, I’ve heard of topless barmaids, but this one had a topless barman.

That sign on the bar says, “Prices may vary according to members’ attitudes.” I rather liked this one too.

In spite of this, the food didn’t take too long to arrive, and was absolutely delicious; scrambled eggs on rye, topped with smoked salmon.

Fortified by our healthy breakfast, we continued on our merry way, and by this time, there were quite a lot more people taking advantage of the gorgeous weather.

This elderly couple had found a nice quiet spot to sit and read their books.

The guy in the pink shirt was just chilling out, but this dad with his three small children, was not allowed any relaxing time at all. “Keep on digging dad, until you get to Australia.” ๐Ÿ™‚

We walked all the way to end of the promenade, past the one lonely house still left, in between all the apartment blocks and hotels.

Then we walked all the way back again, and when we got home, our Hibiscus plant greeted us with this lovely new flower.

So there you have an illustrated account of my last two mornings. I hope you enjoyed.

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