Happiness is a Beach (and a Rugby win).

My South African blog friend sidey, has a regular weekend challenge, and this week it’s ‘Happiness’.

This morning, we woke up to the most  amazing mid winter weather; blue sky, a slight breeze and a promise of 29C. This, combined with the fact that we had nothing else to do but wander down to the beach, was certainly a recipe for a very happy Saturday. I made a scrambled egg and bacon breakfast, and then we were off on our walk, down the steps and onto the beach.


Which way to go was the question. This way towards the lighthouse?


or this way towards Durban?


My shadow said, “This way,” so we obeyed.


Our next door neighbour’s son and his mates were really having fun out there in the waves,


and a bit farther along, there was a morning meeting of the local seagull society. Way in the distance, you can see the Durban sports stadium which was built for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.


A brightly coloured AMS (Red Cross Air Mercy Service) helicopter flew overhead, and I wondered what its mission was, or whether it was just out for a joy ride.


Our beach patrol guy was zooming along on his quad bike.


We actually saw a few more people, but you could hardly call this a crowded beach, now could you?


On our return, we popped in home for a cup of coffee and a chocolate brownie, and then collected the beach umbrella, a chair, a couple of towels and my kindle, and headed back down to sit in blissful solitude until lunchtime.


Happiness is a beach, for sure.


Of course, South African rugby fans would argue that happiness is our brilliant Springbok 42-10 win over Italy today in Durban. I saw their green and gold bus outside the Beverly Hills Hotel yesterday. Our boys only stay in the best hotel here, probably because they’re simply the best. 🙂


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