Meet our birthday boy. ;)

Good morning everyone. Yesterday was baby Maxwell’s first birthday, so I thought you might like to see what a handsome little guy he’s become. Doesn’t he just have a smile to light up anyone’s day?

Here he is with his dad, and the guitar shaped birthday cake made by his mom. I bet it’s really delicious, and hubby and I wouldn’t mind a piece each.

They are coming down to visit us for a few days this coming Wednesday. We’re so excited to see them all again. They’re looking forward to getting away from the cold weather up north, and being able spend some time at the pool.

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday, to see that there is apparently life at Letterdash, when a new ‘Inside LD’ post suddenly popped up on my screen; so maybe all is not lost. He/she who shall remain nameless owing to the fact that he/she doesn’t seem to have a name, is going to answer our queries when he/she finds the time in his/her busy schedule. I’m sorry to keep referring to he/she, as I was brought up to believe that people should be referred to by their name. Anyhow, we are assured us that the spam is being dealt with, but may not be entirely eradicated. I guess that’s a step in the right direction. It’s good to know that we haven’t been abandoned as we had feared, and that we aren’t in danger of having our blogs deleted. “Lets see what transpires”, as my old gran was often heard to say. In the meantime, we seem to have lost so many bloggers over the past couple of months, and the mood of those still here has been less than cheery. Let’s hope the damage control will bring forth fruit, and we can salvage what’s left. Are you feeling more positive about the situation now, or not?

Have a great day. Chat again soon.