Thursday’s Windows: From Cornwall to Germany

Here are just a few pretty windows I saw on my travels in Cornwall and Germany last month.¬† Window boxes have an ancient history in Europe, and the earliest Terra Cotta ones dated back to Roman times, when it was the practice for households to cultivate cottage gardens to grow their vegetables, medicinal herbs, and plants used for religious rituals. Those who didn’t have enough space for a proper garden, grew these commodities in window boxes. Over time, the window boxes became more decorative than functional, with roses being the favourite flowers, followed by lilies, violets and pansies

This pic shows that even a modest little flower box can really brighten up a rather plain window. There are even a few brave little flowers pushing their way through the cracks in the cement to keep it company.


This boarding house had a really spectacular display.


We wanted to eat at this popular restaurant. It was so pretty, but fully booked.


You could hardly see through these windows for flowers.


In Germany, this one caught my eye as our coach passed by on the way to the Black Forest.


I loved the combination of pink and blue here; so pretty.


At the Black Forest tourist centre, the windows in the hotel were ablaze with colour.


Here is a closeup of one of the beautifully decorated windows.


That’s all my windows for this week. To see more, just click here to be taken to Dawn’s blog.