Awards galore. Thanks so much. ;)

On Friday morning when I saw Zannyro’s post, “I have been very, very bad,” I suddenly decided that I too must do something about accepting the lovely awards which several bloggers have honoured me with. I immediately went to the secret place where I stash them, and to my absolute horror, discovered that I’m a worse hoarder than any of those squirrels who plague Suzanne night and day. 😉 I have been meaning to get around to responding, but blogging kept getting in my way. I’m sure you all find that when a new challenge, or a theme pops up in your inbox, this requires lots of time and effort. There are only so many hours in a day, and already, hubby is beginning to wonder what’s so fascinating here in my study, that I haven’t got time to speak to him……..only kidding……..he wishes. 😉 Anyway, I need him to help me, as I’m rather blonde when it comes to uploading badges. 😯

So, down to business, I guess. Now I’m on a mission to get this under my belt. Grab your popcorn; are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

First of all, I have to tell you seven things about myself. Those of you who follow me know what I look like, and you probably also know that I am granny to five beautiful grandchildren. I live with my darling hubby here at the seaside in South Africa (see my previous post) and also for part of the year in a really beautiful part of Florida. We essentially do two winters back to back, and thus escape the heat and humidity of summer in both places. I love to travel, as you may have already gathered, but when I’m at home, I enjoy playing the piano, baking delicious desserts, watching the ocean especially on non-windy days, and of course blogging. My favourite drink is Starbucks chai latte, and I lurv dark chocolate. I think that’s a lot more than seven things, but as an added bonus, I’ll confide in you that I enjoy hula hooping (when no-one’s looking). 😉

Alicia K of the truly inspirational blog, “Keys to the Kingdom,” kindly gave me the “Sisterhood of the world” award. Thank you so much, Alicia. I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve such a lovely award, but I do so appreciate it.

I have to nominate 15 bloggers, and I guess that as it’s a sisterhood award, you guys aren’t eligible. That’s a great pity, because I can think of a few who would qualify. Here are my nominees:

Next up is Amy, of “The World is a Book” blog. I love her beautiful travel photos, which sometimes feature delicious food, as well as interesting artifacts which she’s come across on her journeys. Thanks so much Amy, for giving me “The Illuminating Blogger Award.”

I would like to award this to the following bloggers:

Trudi of “The Gingerbread Cafe,” “Campanulla Della Anna,” and Inge of “The Retiring Sort” blogs, have all given me “The Versatile Blogger Award,” for giving inspiration and ideas to them.

All these blogs are an absolute delight, so do visit them. This is one award I’ve been wanting for a while, so I thank you all so much for granting my wish. 😉 I will treasure it. My nominees for this one are:

Last but by no means least is my good friend Roly of the hilarious “Comedy In Crisis” blog, who has just about every award there is to have. Roly I love your “The key to acceptance is willingness” award, which as you say, comes with “No mess, no fuss.”

Oh what bliss to receive an award which has no rules and no strings attached, simply because you love my blog. Thanks Roly; I love it.

Congrats to all my nominees. If you already happen to have the award I’ve given you, double congrats. 😉

Now that ‘The Oscars’ are over, all that remains is for me to wish you all a splendid rest of the weekend.