Delicate Treasures for Ailsa’s theme

For this week’s photo challenge, Ailsa has asked us to share a photo of something delicate. Whenever I see a butterfly, I marvel at its delicate and beautiful wings. When it emerges from its pupa, a butterfly’s delicate wings are wet and crumpled, and it has to wait for them to dry before it is able to fly. Although the wings are really delicate, they have be strong enough to support its weight during flight. If these fragile wings should become torn, they never repair themselves.


Many butterflies are very brightly coloured, and I read that in nature, bright colours sometimes act as a warning to predators that the owner is either dangerous, or is going to be a very nasty tasting morsel.


Some butterflies have large ‘eye spots’ on their wings, to deceive would be predators into thinking they are much bigger than they really are.


Darker coloured wings can provide good camouflage.


One of the most beautiful butterflies I’ve seen, is this male ‘ Cairns Birdwing’ which is one of the largest  butterfly species in Australia.


The female is not quite so spectacular, but still really lovely.


“Our loved ones, whether by blood, marriage, or by choice, are delicate treasures. If we hold them too close, they break as a butterfly would. By honouring and enjoying the freedom of our loved ones, we gain our own freedom. Have the courage to trust that the beautiful butterflies in your life will return – or-not – as life intends.” ~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie