B&W Photo Challenge: Neighbourhood

This is the 2nd week of Sonel’s Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge and the Theme is : Neighbourhood.

As many of you know, my home in South Africa is right on the coast, and just a few metres down our driveway, is the beach and the Indian Ocean. It’s a really lovely beach with golden sand and not too many people.


The cargo ships waiting to offload their goods at Durban harbour can often be anchored just off shore for days.


It’s lovely just to take a book and a chair down to the beach and spend a few hours reading or just watching the waves.


Of course the red and white lighthouse is one of my favourite landmarks.


Just down the road is the shopping mall where I play piano for a few hours each week.


Out in the car park there are two musicians who have played their music here for many years. This is their only source of income, so people give generously.


Many people here use the minibus taxis to get around, as there is no other public transport. The legend on this one always makes me think,


that there are many folk living here, who aren’t in such fortunate circumstances as I find myself. My last pic shows one of the many ‘squatter camps’, or as our government prefers to call them ‘informal settlements’ which are springing up anywhere that homeless people can find a piece of land on which to erect their shacks.


So my neighbourhood might be fun in the sun for many people, but certainly not for everyone.