An evening in Rüdesheim, featuring windows, and a castle on the hill.

Last night our cruise ship docked in Rüdesheim, a pretty wine-making town in the Rhine Gorge. After dinner on board, we decided to go ashore and seek out the night life. We had to wait quite a few minutes for four trains to come past, before we were allowed to cross the line, and I decided that this quaint little tower was really worth a photo.


Once safely across, we wandered the narrow lanes lined with bars and restaurants.


The windows really caught my attention, so I thought I’d capture a few for Dawn’s Thursday windows challenge. On our trip, I’ve noticed so many colourful window boxes everywhere in England, France and Germany


There were some very cute ornaments in this Christmas shop.



The brightly lit restaurants looked really inviting, and most had live music playing.


We’d already eaten a fabulous dinner, so could only look.


We found a lively bar, and sat for a while enjoying a glass of German wine and listening to a group playing really old songs from the 50’s to the 70’s. People were really enjoying themselves on the tiny dance floor in the corner.


On our way back to the ship, I noticed these stained glass windows, not in a church, but on the side of a pub/restaurant.


It was a lovely evening, and a pretty castle was outlined against the night sky.


We had to wait again before crossing the railway line back to the ship.


Then it wasn’t far along the tow path back to our home on the water, under the moon-lit sky.


We are now docked in Koblensk, and I’m going to do some exploring this afternoon.