Christmas for Jake’s theme

Jake has posted some lovely soft images for his Christmas theme, and I still have some up my sleeve, even after posting most of my Christmas pics taken around Savannah a couple of days ago. I thought the decorations on this porch were so simple, but very effective.


This house looked so beautiful, that I wanted to run up those steps and ask whether I could come inside and spend Christmas there.


A few days ago, we saw this beautiful crib scene at our shopping centre in Florida.


Our hotel last night had made the reception area and lounge look very Christmassy indeed,


With Christmas carols playing on the TV.


I used to absolutely love these ornaments when I was a child.


I remember trying to get the bottom off one of them, so that I could get the Father Christmas out. 🙂


Here is Tamsyn, our oldest granddaughter, all ready to pull the sleigh for Santa.


We are still en route to New Jersey, and the traffic is horrendous; nose to tail most of the way. We will get there when we get there, I suppose, but I’m impatient and so excited to see all the family again.

I just have one thing left to say to you all on my Christmas post, and it’s this:


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