Daily Post challenge: Fleeting Moment

The new Daily Post challenge, “Fleeting moment,” is ideal for this photo which I got when we went walking along our promenade yesterday afternoon. The weather was so perfect again, and we walked quite a bit further than usual, right to the the start of the Lagoon Nature Reserve. Years ago, one could just carry on and go wandering through this indigenous forest, refuge to many wetland and coastal forest birds and animals, but just at the entrance, we saw a sign warning us that for security reasons it’s now inadvisable to enter this area alone and without a trained guide, so we turned back. Just at that moment, we heard a raucous call, which could only be a monkey, and peering into the foliage, we saw a merry band of Vervets, flitting from tree to tree. They moved so fast that we couldn’t catch them on camera, but luckily, for a fleeting moment, one of them stopped to examine a piece of orange peel which he’d picked up from the path, and he looked straight at us, before turning tail and going in pursuit of his mates.