It’s curtains for AD. ;)

Good morning again. As I mentioned to you, we were busy at the weekend, putting up curtains, or should I say “drapes” as they are called here. At the risk of Kragenhai calling me a slave-driver once again, let me hasten to add that I helped to choose them and took them out of the packets. Hubby only climbed up the ladder, drilled the holes, fixed the curtain rods to the wall, and hung the curtains, whilst I offered advice and encouragement from the sidelines.¬†Wink Hopestar asked if I would show some pics, so here are the ones in the main bedroom and through to the dressing room and bathroom. We have vertical blinds on all the windows, so decided just to frame them to make them look prettier.



The grandchildren’s room is done in turquoise and green. I hope they like it.

Our lounge has big sliding doors out to the covered veranda, so we put up these drapes either side.

Yesterday was a very messy day, with hubby moving the light fitting so that it is now over the dining room table instead of a few feet to one side. He had this brilliant idea of standing the ladder on old sheets on top of the table, so that he could reach the ceiling which is about 4.5m high. This was after he’d climbed into the roof via the trap door in the garage in order to run the wire and put the stiffener to fasten the box to the rafters to take the considerable weight of the light fitting. Rather him than me. I can hardly bear to watch, as I dislike even climbing up the kitchen steps which have only two treads. Surprised


Whilst he was up the ladder, I decided to secretly take some pics for my blog.



I had the flash on, and after the second flash of light, I heard hubby say to himself, “WHAT is going on here?!” He was checking the wiring, thinking the flash was coming from the fitting. When he realised it was only me playing around, he said that I was very naughty, as I’d got him quite worried up there. Laughing

Anyway, it’s all done and dusted, and now we’re just waiting for the drapes for the dining room windows to arrive, as we had to order them in extra length.



The stores here are amazing. If they haven’t got exactly the length you’re looking for, they order it on line and it arrives through the post within a week. The post is very reliable too, and things don’t go astray either, which is something I can easily get used to.

Only one more day until our son and family arrive. We’re so excited to see them on Wednesday evening. The weather here is gorgeous and I’m sure they’re going to have loads of fun playing at the pool. There are lots of children around at the moment as it’s school holidays. Last night at dinner, many families had their children and grandchildren with them. It was lovely to see them all together, and it was lovely to see how well behaved the little ones were; a real credit to their parents. Today we’re off to the gym, and then to look at the “President’s Day” sales, before doing a bit of grocery shopping.

Have a great day everyone. Chat again soon.