Only four more sleeps.

Only four more sleeps until we are off again on our way to Florida, via England. The six months has just flown by, and we’ve had so much fun. We’ve been for many walks just lately, to get our fill of the beach and sea, because after Tuesday, we won’t see it again, until April next year.

Yesterday, we were out really early, and it was quite cool and cloudy, but still warm enough for shorts and T-shirt,

This cargo ship looked really close, because it was bigger than the rest, but hubby assured me that it was just an optical illusion, and it was much too far awayย  to swim out to. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have to confess that this time, we didn’t make it past the old life guard’s restaurant, because the breakfast smells were so irresistible, and we hadn’t eaten yet, so in we went and ordered eggs, bacon, and two glasses of orange juice. I’m the mushroom fiend. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s not at all smart, but we love to sit out on the wooden benches, watching the waves and the comings and goings on the beach.

Some holiday makers were preparing to go out for a spin through the waves on one of the ‘rubber duckies’.

It took them forever to get their life-jackets on, but eventually they were all set to go, and the SUV pushed them into the sea.

Then it was off through the rocks,

and out into the ocean.

I wasn’t envious, because it looked like a really bumpy ride, and I prefer my sea-going craft to be much bigger than that.

I was amused by this bell and the sign on the wall of the restaurant.

We have seen dolphins on occasion, but I’d need a much better camera to get any decent photos. We’ve ordered a new one for delivery when we get to the States, as their half the price there, and I’m hoping that there will be a great improvement in the quality of my photos. At the moment I just have a 6-year-old Sanyo, and my iPhone. So watch out Phil, you may have competition with those egret and heron pics very soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

We walked our breakfast off, and went up into the village to do some shopping. On the way back, I saw a tiny sapling on someone’s grass verge, and it reminded me of that 1970’s Tony Orlando song, “Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree. ” Isn’t it cute?

Tomorrow we’ll be off up the hill to take my mom and sister out for lunch, and say our goodbyes, and then it will be down to the nitty-gritty of packing, which as you can imagine, is no mean task. I wish you all a very happy weekend, doing lots of relaxing or exciting stuff, or both. ๐Ÿ™‚

They’re on their way.

Some of you may who follow me, will know that my son and little granddaughter Sienna are coming to visit very soon. I’m so excited to see them again. When I woke up this morning, there was this photo on Facebook.

There’s my little angel looking so excited to be travelling all this way with her dad. They were stopping off in Paris for the day and catching the night flight to Johannesburg and then on to Cape Town, where they will stay with friends before flying to Durban on Monday. I think their body clocks will be all over the place, as they only got back to New York on Sunday after attending a family wedding in Hawaii. At least they can get over their jet lag in Cape Town, and should be back to normal by the time they get here.

Today I played piano at the Mall again. Every time I do, I seem to get a kiss from someone. I’m a sitting duck on that piano stool, and can’t really escape. Last week it was a male acquaintance who I used to see at the gym, and today it was a female acquaintance who I haven’t seen in a long while. It’s quite off-putting when I’m in the middle of a piece, as you can imagine. I’ve had my head patted and my shoulders squeezed on occasion. I’ve had people come and ask me directions to a certain shop, or enquire whether I give piano lessons, or if I can play “Meat Loaf!” ๐Ÿ˜† Last week I had someone brusquely ask, “Do you play the organ?” to which question I decided the safest answer was, “No.” The security beeper goes off at the entrance to the clothing store on my right at regular intervals, and clumsy people bang into the piano as they walk past, even though there’s plenty of room.ย  All this happens whilst I’m blithely playing my little heart out. Today I felt led to give a rendition of “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread,” closely followed by “Send in the Clowns.” ๐Ÿ™‚ Most people however, just give a friendly smile or a wave, which is always welcome.

It’s not strictly true to say that I don’t play the organ, and another day, I must remember to tell you a few hilarious stories from my organ playing past.

Now I’m off to watch some more Olympics. Have a great evening, or rest of the day, depending on where you are.

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig. ;)

Here I am back home again in South Africa. It’s winter here and I was surprised at how cold it was when we touched down at Johannesburg’s OR Tambo airport at 7am. Some people on our flight were still dressed in shorts, sandals and T-shirts, and were shivering as they waited for their baggage, which they would no doubt open up and grab some warmer clothing as soon as possible.

International departures at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport, was quite spectacular. We had an awfully long wait for our flight to SA, and weren’t sure whether to go through security early, as we didn’t know what facilities were waiting on the other side. Sometimes you go through, and all there is there, are just uncomfortable waiting areas. Hubby asked one of the airport staff if there were more shops on the other side, and he smiled as he answered in the affirmative. Well, he certainly wasn’t lying, as after passing through the gate, we were met by a massive array of fancy stores and restaurants, almost as big as a small town. Every designer shop was represented, and we could have spent a large fortune if we had one to spare. ๐Ÿ˜‰ There were wondrous creations to see all around us, and we so enjoyed admiring all of these, as well as the beautiful orchid displays.

We had lunch and then found something to take home for my mom, but still had almost 8 hours to wait until our flight at 1-15am, so we settled down to read and wait. By the time our flight came up, we were both more than ready for bed, and we still had an 11 hour flight, plus another one from Jo’burg to Durban. At such times, I just resign myself to my fate, and the phrase, “This too shall pass,”ย  plays itself over and over in my head.

I did get a shot of the rainbow over Phuket as we left for Bangkok.

The night passed very slowly indeed, and it was such a relief when the lights came on and I realised that there were only a couple of hours left. This was the first time ever, that I’ve been awake in time to get a sunrise photo.

By the time we eventually arrived home, I was ‘finished’, but still managed to unpack whilst the water was heating up for a very welcome bath. I made some delicious butternut soup for supper, and then it was absolute bliss to get into our own bed and sleep for almost 9 hours. It rained for most of the night, and today is cool and grey, but I’ve had that old Frank Sinatra song playing in my mind today, “It’s nice to go travelling………but it’s so much nicer to come home.”