Are you suffering from ‘End of Year’ stress?

At the end of the year, we often find ourselves suffering from burnout. I remember that when I was teaching in South Africa, everything seemed to crowd into one small space, so that by the end of term, I felt like I’d been through the wringer. It was so great to walk out of that school gate and know that for the next month, I was on holiday. Christmas came in the middle of summer, so there was often a visit to the coast for a couple of weeks of rest and relaxation. Here in America, I don’t think you have such a long holiday to get over the stress, before starting the treadmill of the New Year once again. To relax you just for a few minutes, I thought I’d post my Smiling Dolphin pic. Just take a deep breath and focus on Dolly’s happy face.


I’m sure you’re feeling better already. 🙂

Now, I have a little stress test for you. It’s really simple and quick, and at the end of it, you’ll know on a scale of 1-10 just how stressed out you are. Are you ready? Read these instructions, and then look at the picture below.

You are going to see two dolphins jumping out of the water.
The  dolphins are identical.  A closely monitored
scientific study revealed that, in spite of the  fact
that the dolphins are identical, a person suffering from
stress would  find differences in the two dolphins, and
the more  differences a person finds between the
dolphins, the more stress that person is experiencing.
Look at the photograph and if you find more than one
or two differences you are in dire need of a holiday….