Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Meet Lucca and friends.

This week, for Michelle’s pet challenge, I thought I’d feature my sister-in-law’s beautiful black standard poodle, Lucca.


What an elegant doggie she is, and so friendly too. There’s no way you can pay a visit, without receiving a warm welcome, as she rushes to greet you, almost knocking you over in the process. She doesn’t look so big here, but when you’re sitting on the sofa and she comes to inspect you nose to nose, you realise just how tall she is.


One of her favourite pastimes is chasing the rabbits in Great Grandma’s garden. She’s never actually caught one, but the enjoyment of the exercise is all in the anticipation, and she will sit for ages, just watching and waiting for the right moment to take off after them. Of course they are much too quick for her, but there’s always next time. 🙂


Lucca, having lived for so many years with her artistic family, is quite musical and sings beautifully. This was demonstrated one evening when we came back to the house after dinner, and her mom brought out a small concertina which someone had brought as a souvenier from their holiday abroad. Great Grandma was enthralled, as were we all.


She’s a very sociable and generous dog, and when she has her friends, Polly and Pippa around for a sleepover, she will even give up her own bed, so that they can be comfortable.


Lucca is well aware that she’s no ordinary dog,. She has so many fans, that to avoid too much attention, she occasionally has to travel incognito.


I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting my gorgeous niece. Just click here to visit Michelle’s blog, and maybe you can also join in the fun challenge.