Celebrations, bling nails, and my covetable accent. ;)


Hi again. Hope all my South African friends and family enjoyed the day off work. I would lose track of what’s being celebrated or protested about in SA, if it weren’t for News24. The only thing I see on the news here, are the Republican party candidates for the US November presidential elections. Nothing else seems to feature at all. We have one neighbour in our street who always reminds us of what celebration is coming up. She was there with the pumpkins and scarecrow for Halloween, and as soon as was over, out came¬† Santa with snowman and reindeer. For Valentine’s day there were of course, hearts and flowers, and in the last couple of weeks we’ve had St Patrick’s Day. He did look to me as though he was being hanged, and not too happy about it either.

No sooner was that over, and out popped the Easter Bunny, who also has a rather desperate and bewildered look on his face.

Hubby was chatting to the guy who lives at this particular house, and he takes no responsibility for these rather twee/corny garden displays. He blames it all on his wife, and says that his garage is full of all this paraphernalia which has to be put out by him at the appropriate time. I know that some of the close neighbours aren’t too thrilled about it, but I think it’s rather cute.

Today I realised another thing I’m going to miss when we leave. I went to my Vietnamese-run “Cutie Nails” salon and had my toes and fingers done. I saw on Flower’s post that she has just tried a new nail place in the town where she has moved to in Germany. She always used to show us a monthly update on her latest “Nail do,” but can’t get her images to work any more. I’ll show you mine for the last time until we come back here again. I decided to ask for gold and diamond feathering, and I think she did an excellent job.

Last night we met several friends in the bar and sat chatting for ages to all and sundry, whilst eating the delicious snacks. I didn’t play the piano as there was such a crowd of people there, and I wouldn’t have been heard above the noise. We keep meeting new people, who all seem to have heard of us, and come over to listen to our accent. One lady said, “I just love your accent, and I want to learn it.” I’m thinking that maybe I can make some the next time we’re over here, by offering to give “English/South African accent lessons.” Laughing

Today we have a meeting with the club committee. They want us to tell them how we came to a decision to buy into this particular club, so that they can promote it better to overseas buyers. I think I’ll let hubby do all the talking, as he was the brains behind the whole exercise.

Have a great day everyone Chat again soon.