Ese’s Shoot and Quote Challenge: Obsession

“Obsession is when something will not leave your mind.”  ~ Eric Clapton

This one is for my dear blog friend, Gunta. Since I first posted this pic in January this year, it would appear that she hasn’t been able to erase the image from her brain, as she has mentioned it on several occasions in her comments, and I threatened to re-post it if the opportunity ever arose, so here you are, Gunta. I hope you don’t have nightmares tonight. 🙂

I managed to get a shot of this blingy manicure, when on a flight from Lamanai to San Pedro. I engaged the Belizean lady in conversation, with the express intention of blogging her nails. She proudly informed me that the safety chains were necessary because her ‘pinky’ nails were crafted from solid gold.


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