“Thursday’s Windows” photo challenge.

I saw another photo theme last week at Sandra Conner’s blog. It’s a Thursday challenge, but I’m sure I can sneak in a day late, and she won’t complain. It’s really easy challenge, simply titled, “Thursday’s windows,” so I thought I’d have a go at it. Looking out of my window today, all I can see is grey sea and sky with a generous amount of rain, so I’m staying put.

Last year whilst in England, visiting my mom-in-law, who will turn 100 next year, we took her and my sister-in-law, to the 11th century Chichester Cathedral. I put this next photo in, just to show you what a 99-year old looks like. 🙂

This beautiful cathedral has both Norman and Gothic architecture and has been called “the most typical English Cathedral”.

It has a really majestic free-standing medieval bell tower

The inside architecture has such beauty and grace.

The choir was practising the music for Evensong, and it was just heavenly to sit and listen. Those young boys’ pure, clear voices, transported me to another world.

Now I’ll get to the windows for the challenge.

Here are the ones which most enthralled me. I’m a real sucker for old stained glass windows. Craftsmen of the Middle Ages raised the practice of creating stained glass windows to a high art in the era of Gothic cathedral building, and developed techniques still used today.

Of course, I’ve saved the best for last.

I hope you enjoyed my visit to this wonderful cathedral. Have a great, relaxing weekend, doing only what you feel like.