Family visit.

Grandchildren are God’s way of compensating us for growing old. ~Mary H. Waldrip

Today our son and his family arrive from New Jersey and will be staying with us for a week.We’re so excited to see them all again, especially as it’s Max’s second birthday. He’s such a happy little chap, as you can see from this photo with his sister, out enjoying the snow a few days ago.


Their big sister will also be here, so there will be seven of us here, instead of just us two, and I’m sure the house won’t be anywhere near as quiet as it usually is. 🙂


Hubby and I will be on our merry way to Palm Beach airport when you read this. This is supposed to be the Sunshine State, so I hope the weather improves for them, as it was raining cats and dogs all yesterday afternoon and evening, and today is very grey and cloudy. Max is having a birthday dinner at the club tonight, with balloons and candles, and we’re driving to Disney early tomorrow, so that should be a fun and exciting day, especially for the children.

I probably won’t be around on the blogs for a few days, unless I get time to post a couple of pics, so just chat amongst yourselves until I reappear. Wishing you all a great weekend. See you soon.