Food glorious food, and a leopard goes to Belgium.

Hi again, everyone. I hope you all had a splendid long weekend. I wonder if any of you South African bloggers were down here on the Umhlanga beach, when hubby and I went walking on Monday. I have some pics, which I’ll post tomorrow, just as soon as I can work out how to get them out of my iPhone.

Sunday was a delicious day, as went off up the hill to my sister’s for lunch. There were seventeen of us, including one very sweet baby boy, who never cried once. He was passed around from person to person, and seemed to just love all the attention.

The braai was well under way when we arrived,

and my mom was sitting out on the patio, holding court. I think she got just as much fussing around as the baby did, and she just laps it up. Wink

My sister had made wonderful salads, which were all very delicious and different.

When the meat was cooked, it was time to tuck in, and we didn’t need telling twice.There were sticky ribs, chicken pieces, and several types of sausage, as well as a plate of thinly sliced fillet. (Apologies to any vegetarian viewers.)

My contribution was a decadent chocolate mousse, covered in chocolate sauce, dollops of whipped cream and crushed Cadbury Crunchie bars, and a bowl of strawberries. Another friend had brought along a plate piled with chocolate brownies, over which she’d scattered a load of chocolate malted puffs, for good measure. This was not a day to count calories, or to worry about cholesterol levels. Surprised

What a feast we all had, and there was very little left over, as you can imagine. Hubby and I decided, as we drove home, that no food was required until the morrow, and we stuck to that.

I’m so happy for my sister, who has sold a couple of her paintings this past week, so she’s very thrilled indeed. One of them was her wonderful leopard painting, which was sold to a Belgian tourist at one of the game lodges.

She’s now busy working on another one, which I’ll show you when it’s finished.

Have a great day everyone. Chat again soon.