Les Mis and Frosty the Snowman.

Just a quick pop in to say that ‘Les Mis’ was absolutely wonderful. Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway gave magnificent performances. It had humour, heartbreak, romance and of course lots of action. I didn’t fall asleep even once, which really tells you that  I was riveted by the whole spectacle. At times, I wished I’d brought a box of tissues with me, so that I could have a good ‘blub’. Anne Hathaway’s performance of  ‘I dreamed a dream’, was absolutely heart-wrenching, and young Daniel Huttlestone, who played Gavroche the street urchin, was so adorable; I just wanted to hug him and take him home with me. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, just get yourself there. It’s three hours long, but an absolute ‘must see’, a classic movie, which embodies, love, war, abject misery, and redemption.The ending is so uplifting, and I walked out of there full of praise. I couldn’t begin to compare it to the stage show; you’d have to do that for yourself, but why would you want to? It stands on its own as a brilliant epic production. The fact that it was a ‘dine-in’ (no, not drive-in) movie, and we watched whilst being waited on, eating and drinking, made the experience even more enjoyable.

Now for something completely different: I thought you might like to see who suddenly appeared in our son’s back yard, yesterday afternoon. He is obviously a keen New York Yankees supporter, and had blueberries for eyes, a carrot for a nose, and small rocks for buttons.


We had about four inches of snow, and the kids were so excited to get out there and build a snowman and also get the sled out. Sienna used her muscle power to pull Taylor and Max around. What fun they had. I watched from the warmth of the family room. 🙂


Here’s the whole family with their frosty friend.


Today we had the most enjoyable few hours at the Natural History Museum, but those pics will have to wait for another post. Hope your weekend has been a good one.