Mid week musings

Good morning again. Today is going to be much warmer, so we’re going to spend some time at the pool and then have lunch on the terrace. Doesn’t that sound grand? Anyway, we haven’t done that since our son and family were here in November. Today it will just be a ménage à deux‘ instead of a ‘menagerie’ with three small children. Laughing Just joking! They’re coming down to visit in a few weeks time, and we’re so looking forward to seeing them again. Baby Max will be turning one year old in February, and what a precious little chap he is. Just look at this photo of him. He’s such a smiley boy, just like his dad was, and still is. It must run in the family, as hubby’s nickname was “smiley” when he was a little boy.

I was chatting to my sister on Skype today. She always reads my blogs as she likes to keep abreast of what I’m up to. Her painting is going really well, and she’s sold a couple more. It’s hard to remember a time when she wasn’t into her painting, as it’s become quite an obsession. It’s really great when one discovers a hidden or dormant talent later on in life. It gives a person something to occupy themselves with, and also to take a pride in. I think people who have no hobbies and interests, age much faster than those who have a passion for something they love doing. I was chatting to an elderly man at the gym today, What a character he is; reminds me of Walter Matthau.

He said to me, “Look around this gym. Most of the folk are over 80, but they don’t look it, because they keep fit, play golf and tennis, and keep up with their friends. It’s also because they live here in Florida where the good weather is, because if you go up north to New York, you’ll find that people look so much older. The winters are so cold and miserable, and they can’t get out to do things, so they just sit around and wait to die.” I have to say that the lifestyle here is really amazing. A person couldn’t possible get bored, and I do like the idea of this anti-aging lifestyle.

Getting back to my sister again, I don’t know whether she got a bit worried when she read about that comedy ‘dive’ I went to on Saturday night, but she sent me this cartoon. I’m not sure if it’s a warning or a suggestion. What do you think?

Anyway, she needn’t worry as I’m not allowed to work here without having a ‘Green Card’. Wink

Have a great day everyone. Chat again soon.