Simple Pleasures for Marianne.

Marianne of East of Malaga, has asked us to think of some of the simple pleasures in our lives, which don’t cost much, and are often free. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of our lives, we just take them for granted and forget  to be grateful for these small things which are essential to our well-being.

A perfectly formed Hibiscus flower. Such a miracle.


A scrumptious bit of self-indulgence which you know you really shouldn’t have, but can’t just resist.


A delicious breakfast, which for a small cost, can be cooked by someone else, who will also do the washing up. 🙂


The angelic sound of little children’s voices singing Christmas carols.


Just sitting dreaming, whilst a sunset unfolds its magic before your very eyes.


The daily pleasure of seeing the resident water birds cavorting on the lake outside our kitchen window,


such a wonderful start to the day.


A walk along an almost deserted beach, and listening to sound of the waves as they wash up against the rocks.


Seeing an unexpected sight in a busy car park.


These simple delights which cross our path, may seem like nothing much at the time, but looking back at my photos, I realise that it’s the accumulation and the memory of these serendipitous pleasures, that make life all the more enjoyable.

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One of the stipulations of this challenge is that I introduce you two two other bloggers who I follow.

First up is Paula, of  ‘Lost in Translation’ , who describes herself as “A life’s traveller, a soul explorer, a thinker and a linguist with a lot to learn.” Do pay her a visit. Her posts are always fascinating , and more often than not, her photos have a musical accompaniment.

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