Sharing my world in New Jersey

At last, I can sit down to do a post. I have to take the chance when I can, as there always seems to be something going on here. This morning, I grabbed my laptop and was just about to start wading through my 750 e-mails, when our son called up the stairs, “Mom, are you ready?” “Ready for what?” I asked, fearing the worst. We were apparently expected at a 3rd birthday party, so on with the boots and jacket, into the car and off down the road. I think that parents of small children are so brave to invite all these little people to their house for a few hours. The dad was in one corner of the kitchen, churning out little handmade pizzas, as if his life depended on it. Various moms and dads were trying to control their toddlers, and stop them from destroying the property. Much food had been lovingly prepared, labelled and set on plates, ready to be half eaten, dropped on the floor, or left for the family to consume over the next couple of days. The cake was really lovely, and I did have a piece, against my better judgement. Sugar overload! 😯


It started to snow after we’d been there for about an hour, and looked so pretty out of the window, but it made me wish I’d brought a long sleeved jacket instead of just a fur vest, and had worn my snow boots rather than my fashion boots with heels.


Yesterday, was also quite a cold day, and the family decided to go to the ice rink,


I didn’t try skating, as I figured that I’ve got this far through my life without it, so why do I need to risk a twisted ankle at this late stage. One young woman did fall, and it was a good hour before she was stretchered off, after lying there on the ice whilst someone with a clipboard asked her a whole lot of questions, and made copious notes. I’m sure she must have been quite frozen.

Little Taylor made a valiant effort, helped along by her dad.


After a while, she gave up and came to watch with me, through the glass.


Down in the basement here, I was cajoled into playing hula hoop. Sienna is an absolute star.


We had a competition to see who could hula with the most hoops, and I was the loser. 😦


Whilst little Max was busy ‘cleaning’ the floor with his favourite Christmas present,


I was roped in to sing Christmas carols with Sienna and her cousin.


We also had a visit to the doctor, for Max. The waiting room was so beautifully decorated with murals,



but Max was much more interested in watching the fishies.


Out in the car park, I spotted this rather long limo. We could really fit the whole family in that, no problem.


Tonight we’re going out for dinner and to see the movieLes Misérables. I’m so looking forward to it, and wonder how it will compare to the stage show I saw a few years ago.

We are still here for a few more days, and tomorrow were going into the city to the Natural History Museum. I always love a visit there, as the exhibits are so fascinating. Thanks so much to those of you who have visited my blog over the past few days. I will catch up with you all as best I can, even if it’s only on the long drive back down to Florida. I hope to manage another post before then, children permitting, but now my presence is required elsewhere. 🙂





Going round in circles for Ailsa.

Ailsa of ‘Where’s my backpack’ blog, has given us yet another interesting travel theme. This week she’s posted some of her fun circle pics, and asks us to do the same.

I do of course have a few photos to share with you. Just look at this huge fermenting tank at the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. It had been emptied for cleaning, so we were able to look right inside.


Inside these charred oak barrels that Jack Daniels makes itself in a Kentucky cooperage, the whiskey is maturing in order to perfect that famous rich colour and taste, before eventually being bottled.


Off to Egypt now, where we witnessed the amazing energy and spectacle of  a ‘Whirling Dervish’. I felt dizzy, just watching him twirling round and round in circles, so fast that he became almost invisible.


At the Medina in Fez, the sights, sounds and smells were a feast for the senses.This stall had many circular baskets containing all manner of nuts and dried fruit. No tasting was allowed. 😦


Bignor in the centre of the South Downs National Park in England, is home to the stunning remains of a third century Roman farm and villa. Here you can see a fine example of one of the beautiful ancient mosaic floors.


When in London, a visit to Harrods is always fascinating, even if one doesn’t buy anything. At the top of  one of the staircases, we came upon this remembrance shrine to Princess Diana and Dodi, erected in 2008, by Dodi’s father Mohammed Al-Fayed, who owned the store for twenty-five years and sold it in 2010 for £1.5 billion.


The Pillars of Hercules is the ancient name given to the promontories that flank the entrance to the Straits of Gibraltar. I’m sitting underneath the monument at the top of ‘The Rock’, which is the northern pillar.


Whilst on holiday in San Salvador in the Bahamas, I had quite a successful attempt at the archery. Just call it ‘beginner’s luck’. 🙂


Here’s another activity I’m not too shabby at. We were on a family holiday in Punta Cana, and I was showing my granddaughter how it’s done.


This sort of activity is highly recommended after eating too much of one of my decadent desserts which contains enough chocolate and cream to even fatten up Popeye’s girlfriend, Olive Oyle. 😆


If you would like to see what other bloggers have come up with for Ailsa’s ‘Circles’ theme, just click here.

Weekly photo challenge: Movement #2

I’m so glad you all enjoyed my “Shamu” photo, for this challenge, and here are some more photos of a more personal nature, showing movement.

I rather enjoy hula hooping these days. I find it quite relaxing to do, and great exercise for the tummy muscles. In Punta Cana, I decided to show my little granddaughter how it’s done, and although I hadn’t done it since I was a child, I managed to get up to five hoops,

before they got the better of me. 😉

I got a photo from my son the other day. Now my little granddaughter is a couple of years older, she following in granny’s footsteps, or should that be “hula twirls.?” 😉

Here’s my belly dancing debut, and one and only performance, at a fancy dress party aboard a Nile cruise when we did our Egypt trip in the 90’s. I’ve posted it before, but thought it would also do for the “movement” theme.

Hope you enjoyed my movement pics.