If you can’t stand the heat……

“If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” ~ Harry S Truman.

Whilst on our Rhine cruise, we were given the opportunity to tour the ship’s galley. The first thing that struck me as I walked in, was how very hot it was in there. No wonder our chef’s face was so flushed.


This huge cauldron of what was destined to be potato soup, was bubbling away like crazy, and I couldn’t get too close to it because of the intense heat.


There was lots of peeling and chopping going on, and there didn’t seem to be much space to work in.


I wondered how long it took to peel this mountain of potatoes, and was glad I didn’t have to do it.


With a hundred and eighty passengers to feed, there was no time for slacking, but I did get a smile from this guy.


In here where they were busy making the desserts, it was rather chilly.


They were always delicious and beautifully presented.




They even found the time to make my Mom-in-law a birthday cake.


All the drinks were stored under lock and key, so no drinking on the job.


I was disappointed that there wasn’t  much else to see, apart from these jugs and dishes,


and this hob and oven, which is far less fancy than mine.


I guess all the perishable food was out of sight in the massive refrigerator and freezer. I left that kitchen wondering just how they managed to come up with all the different and totally delicious dishes for three full meals a day for so many people. They certainly did deserve the applause they got on our last night aboard.


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. I may not be around for the next few days, as my laptop has to go to the ‘Apple Hospital’. It needs a keyboard transplant, as I’ve worn out some of the keys. Too much blogging, I guess. 🙂