Sunday Post: My Favourite Spot.

Jake’s Sunday Post theme this week is, “My Favourite Spot,” and we are invited to share with other bloggers, somewhere that is special to us; some place where we feel comfortable and content to be.

As some of you know by now, I live next to the Indian Ocean along the east coast of South Africa. The beach is almost on my doorstep, and quite literally too, as I quite often have to sweep the sand from my patio, after we’ve had windy weather.

Walking either on, or next to the beach is a favourite recreation, and hubby and I often do this. There’s always something to catch my eye, and a never-ending parade of ships waiting their turn for the harbour in Durban.

Most of the time, the beach is almost deserted, except for a few fishermen, and the odd beachcomber.

When I’m away in Florida, I really miss this familiar sight.

I love to walk out along the beautiful new pier.

There are lovely mosaics set into the concrete, each one different from the next.

Right at the end of the pier, is a grating, through which one can watch the waves as they crash onto the rocks beneath.

Another kilometer further down the promenade, and you will come to the edge of the nature reserve, where if you’re lucky, vervet monkeys can be seen playing in the trees.

When the day is really hot and sunny, this shady stretch of path is my favourite part of the walk.

Sometimes my legs are feeling tired and I’m dying for a cup of tea, but I know that by the time I get to this point, I’m over half way home. 🙂

This morning, we went to my favourite spot in the mall for a bite to eat,

and tomorrow we’ll be off up the hill to my favourite place for Sunday lunch. My sister’s dog Dingo, will be sure to come out to greet us.

I hope you’re all having a splendid weekend doing some of your favourite things at your favourite spots.

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