Music, flowers and chocolates

Yesterday was my day for playing the piano at the Mall. As I was driving into the car park, I heard the familiar plinkety-plink-plink of the two elderly musicians, who sit there by the parking ticket machine, day after day, hoping for a few coins to be thrown into their wooden bowl. They’ve been playing there for as long as I can remember, and one of them once told me how much he liked my piano playing. I sometimes feel  a bit guilty that I get paid to play, even though the money means little to me, and I get to sit inside the shopping centre, where it’s bright and cheerful, whereas  they are making music, in order to put food on the table, and have to sit in much less salubrious surroundings. I give them a donation when I walk past, not because I enjoy their music, which is rather tuneless and ponderous, but because I feel sorry for them. How do you feel about giving money to such musicians?

I did enjoy my two hours playing, though, and had lots of smiles and waves. One elderly man, did a little dance around me, holding an imaginary partner for the tango. There was a granny with her grandson in a stroller, and they stopped to listen. She got really excited when the little boy started to move his fingers, as though he was also playing piano. She decided there and then, that as soon as he was old enough, he would have piano lessons. I played that lovely old song, “Moon River,” and it was only when I got home, that I saw on someone’s blog, that Andy Williams, the singer who made this song famous, had just died. I loved his rendition of this song, so smooth and relaxing. I’m sad that he’s gone.

Yesterday was my best friend’s birthday, so when she popped in to see me, it was time for a bit of spoiling. It had to be an orchid, my favourite flower; something to remind her of me whilst I’m away in Florida,

and something delicious, which I know she wouldn’t buy for herself. 🙂

Today is  a lovely Spring day, and will be great for a walk along the beach, so I’ll see you all later.