Rainbow Colours of Disney

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week, asks us to show off a few photos, each containing at least four strong colours. I immediately thought of my recent visit to the Disney Magic Kingdom. We were certainly surrounded by bright colours for the whole day. Here are a few pics which I haven’t shown you before.

Street Musicians

Street Musicians



Street Parade

Street Parade

Street Parade

Street Parade

Mickey and Minnie float.

Mickey and Minnie float

Mickey and Minnie at the castle

Mickey and Minnie at the castle

Stilt Walkers

Stilt Walkers

Balloon Seller

Balloon Seller

Tweedledum & Tweeledee with autograph hunter.

Tweedledum & Tweedledee with autograph hunter.

Dodgem Cars

Bumper Cars

Dumbo the Elephant ride

Dumbo the Elephant ride

I hope you enjoyed my rainbow-coloured pics. To see more bright colours, visit Cee’s post.


Unforgettable family memories at the Magic Kingdom.

It was so exciting waiting impatiently at Palm Beach airport on Friday morning, but eventually the five of them came into view. Those first hugs are always the best. 🙂


They’d been up since 4-30am, so were pretty tired, and Max had to go for a nap when we got home. When he woke up, it was time for birthday presents, and his card, which he absolutely loved. When he opened the card, it plays a very loud, “Who let the dogs out!” 😯 Of course we’ve now heard it a gazillion times.


One of his other presents from us was a little train, which, when we bought it, we didn’t realise takes three batteries. It races around, making the most raucous sound, with all the bells and whistles going off  at the same time, together with the sound of a train clacking along the railway tracks. The house has been quite noisy, to say the very least. 😀 We all went for an early dinner at the club, and he had balloons and a little cake with two candles, which he blew out with great gusto before anyone could get a photo. In this photo, he is looking somewhat suspiciously at the chef’s strawberry coulis and chocolate design on the plate.


On Saturday morning, we were all up before dawn to drive the three hours to Disney. We left at 6-30, and had a Starbucks stop on the way. As we approached the Magic Kingdom, the traffic looked quite ominous. There were obviously many other families with the same idea.


Out of the car, we were soon part of the heaving mass of humanity, but we soldiered on, and after paying the entrance fee of about $90 each, including almost the same for the kids, we were inside.


Here’s a better and more magical view of the castle. 🙂


If there’s one thing I’ll remember Disney for, it will be the hundreds and hundreds of strollers everywhere, many of them containing sleeping toddlers who were oblivious of where they were, and others sitting looking quite traumatised by all the people brushing past them. Our three did enjoy themselves though, and the girls especially loved their encounters with the Disney princes and princesses. Aurora and her prince were first up.


Taylor really seemed to have a lot to say to Prince Charming, and Cinderella was very sweet to the girls.


Rapunzel’s long hair was a big hit too, and Prince Flynn was most attentive.


Of course Mickey and Minnie Mouse were very popular; after all wasn’t it they who started the whole Disney thing.


We all had a go on the bumper cars, which seemed very tame to me, as no-one bumped mine at all. 😦


The Dumbo ride was fun, and I loved being right up in the air.



It’s a while since I went on a merry-go-round, and hubby and I felt like big kids again. 🙂


There was so much to see, and we all walked our legs off for about ten hours, with a stop for lunch. The kids were amazing, and even little Max did a fair amount of walking. The stores did quite well out of us too, as it’s hard to resist a few toys and souvenirs for the children. The weather had turned exceptionally cold and windy, and the shops were doing a roaring trade in long-sleeved T-shirts, jackets and blankets. There’s certainly plenty of merchandise to choose from, and it was sorely tempting.


When we could walk no longer, and were all shivering with cold, we took the ferry back across to the car park.


It had been a wonderful family outing. and unforgettable memories had been made. What a magical day. We got home well after midnight, but it was worth it.


Everyone who is able to, should do it at least once in their lives. The Disney experience is for kids of all ages, from two to a hundred and two. 🙂


Tonight we’re baby sitting whilst our son and his wife are out having dinner with friends in Fort Lauderdale. The children have been little angels and ate all their dinner before going  to bed without so much as a squeak. We were very lucky. 😀 Today has been really cold, but tomorrow the weather promises to be better, and hopefully they’ll be able to go swimming.

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