A beautiful mid winter’s day at the seaside.

Next week, we leave our seaside home in South Africa, to travel to England for hubby’s mom’s 100th birthday parties next weekend. We will spend about ten days touring around England, and then we are all going on a Rhine cruise to celebrate her centenary once again. From there, we will be going back to our home in Florida for six months.

Today was a beautiful mid winter’s day, so after my early birthday lunch, we decided we needed to take a walk along the promenade to have a last look at the beach and the waves, before getting down to the serious business of packing cases and preparing the house for our seven months absence.

It wasn’t very populated along this stretch,


but a bit further along where the life guards are, there were a lot more people, frolicking in the waves, and sunbathing.


The huge rocks are a very popular place for a bit of climbing around.


A lone fisherman looked to be concentrating very hard, probably wishing for a fish to put on his plate tonight.


These surfers were just chilling, waiting for the right waves.


This family had set up camp here for the day, also hoping for a few fish to bite.


Someone had rescued an interesting piece of driftwood, which looked to me like a weird sea monster.


I’ve never noticed this palm tree in flower before. Isn’t it quite wonderful? I have no idea what it’s called, but maybe you can enlighten me.


I think I’m going to miss this particular piece of paradise quite a lot for the next seven months, but it will still be here when we return in March, and there are lots of adventures to be had in the meantime. 🙂