“Birds of a feather” and one large Python, at Monte Casino.

Hi again, everyone. On Easter Sunday morning, we took my mom along to the church we used to attend when living in Johannesburg. It’s quite a large building, but was filled almost to capacity with people from all age groups, from small children to the really elderly. There was a beautiful arrangement at the front, comprising a wooden cross draped with a sparkling white folded sheet and surrounding this, on the ground, were rows of yellow daffodils and white/gold narcissus flowers. So simple, but very lovely. We met a few old friends who we hadn’t seen for a long time, and stayed to chat and catch up with family news. It was a very special time.

In the afternoon, all the family went to the Monte Casino bird gardens, where we watched the show. My mom was enthralled. She loves birds, and sat on the edge of her seat, taking in every new arrival on the scene. Up in the bell tower was an owl, poised for flight, and when called by the trainer, he swooped down onto his hand.

Don’t you just want to stroke these gorgeous soft-looking feathers?

There were pelicans, just like the ones we get around our lake in Florida, and this one loved the limelight, and refused to get out of the water.

The Toucan is called the “clown bird,” for obvious reasons. They always look to me as though they’ve put on a bit too much make-up. Smile

The sweet little kookaburra, brought forth quite a few “oohs” and  “aahs” from the audience,

and the ground hornbill from the Kruger National Park did it’s act with this plastic snake, shaking it until it was dead.

My personal favourite was this darling little rose-breasted cockatoo which was just wandering around on the grass, quite unconcerned, whilst we all gawped at it.

Last but by no means least was this albino Burmese Python. I couldn’t resist having a photo taken with it, and managed to persuade my grandchildren to join me, although they were less than keen.
After the show and a long walk around the gardens to make sure we didn’t miss anything, like this dainty, dancing blue crane,


and the family of pelicans partying by the lake,


we all went for a delicious Indian meal at ‘The Raj” in  the casino. Bird watching can make one quite hungry. Laughing

Hope you’re all having a great day. Chat again soon.