Thursday’s ‘Cold’ Windows

For Sandra Conner’s ‘Thursday’s Windows’, I took a few pics from inside the house, after our slow drive home from the mall, yesterday afternoon. The houses across the road looked so pretty in the snow.


The play house in the back yard, the scene of so much fun in the summer months, must feel very abandoned in the winter.


The garden furniture gets no “bums on seats” either. 🙂


The next door neighbour’s  house looked very cosy through the playroom window.


There was a bit of work to be done on the driveway, after dinner.


Lastly, here is another couple of store windows which we saw in New York on Christmas Eve.



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I’m dreaming of a White Christmas.

I’m just off to bed, after another wonderful day with the family here in New Jersey

There was great excitement after dinner, when Santa delivered two sacks full of new pj’s outside the front door. The children rushed out to see what was happening, but they were just too late to actually see Santa flying away on his sleigh.


Little Max loved his Batman pj’s so much, that he climbed up on the coffee table to show them off.


After the children were all in bed, all the presents were brought up from the basement and stacked under the tree. This is just the front; there are many more behind.


The stockings are all lined up ready for morning.


The letters have been written to Santa and answered, together with the half eaten cookies, and the reindeer chomped carrot.


The stage is set, and just to make it all perfect, it started to snow this evening.


I’m off to bed now to dream of a ‘White Christmas’. Wishing you all a very merry and joyous day tomorrow. My South African family and friends will probably be up already, and those in England won’t be far behind. Enjoy your Christmas Day. 🙂