What a lovely sunset last night.

Yesterday was really windy here, but thankfully, Sandy passed us by without pausing to consider what damage she could inflict. We are so spoilt in South Africa with inside parking at most of our malls, and one thing I have to get used to again here, is the fact that one has to park outside, and then get blown into the store of your choice. Yesterday, I made my grand entrance into J.C. Penney, with my hair looked just like these palm fronds. I’m so tempted to get it cut short, but then I wouldn’t recognise myself. 🙂

The pasta on the stove, was abandoned last night, whilst I rushed outside to capture this wonderful sunset for you.

This morning we were chatting to our son in New Jersey about the threatening hurricane. He won’t be going into work in Manhattan tomorrow, and is expecting the worst, but hoping for the best. They’ve been stocking up on non perishable provisions, as last year, their house was without power for over a week. He’s wishing that he’d bought a generator a couple of weeks ago, when the thought crossed his mind. Now, I’m sure one can’t be had for love or money. Good luck to everyone up there. I hope Sandy is merciful.

Btw: I’ve been watching out for Jake’s new Sunday Post theme, but haven’t seen one. Have I missed it, or is he just MIA this week?