Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Benches

I thought I might find Ailsa’s Benches Challenge rather a difficult one, but it’s amazing what one can turn up after a bit of searching.

It’s so great when on holiday, to see a welcoming bench when one’s feet are hot and legs are tired after trudging around for hours, looking at all the sights. Here is one taken in Central Park. We’d had to be out of our hotel in the morning, and had an evening flight out of JFK, so we decided to spend a few hours in the park.


The rain didn’t dampen our spirits as we watched our son trying out his new roller blades, also in Central Park.


Here we are at Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. I’d just bought the sheepskin jacket to keep me from shivering, as even in July the weather was decidedly chilly.


One hot day in Greece, our son snapped us having a welcome sit down  in the Athens Plaka, after visiting the Acropolis and other old ruins.


Here at ‘Old Faithful’ is a bench to sit on whilst waiting for the ‘old geyser’ to erupt. It was far too cold for me to sit down. I had to keep moving or I would have frozen to the spot.


I couldn’t resist having my pic taken on this beautifully carved bench in Bali. The price tag is very hefty, but still doesn’t include me. 🙂


Whilst taking dear MiL out to for the day in England, we were both happy to find this gorgeous bench which someone had wisely placed half way around the park. We sat there listening to the bird song whilst hubby went galloping off down some steep wooden steps to do a bit of exploring on his own.


Here in Sherwood Forest, is a bench where one can sit and view the famous ‘Major Oak’, inside which, according to local folklore, Robin Hood and his merry men took shelter. It’s estimated to weigh around 23 tons, has a girth of 33 feet (10 metres), and is between 800–1000 years old. It’s not surprising that at such a great age, it needs crutches. 🙂


Our granddaughter Sienna, visiting from the USA, thought this funny cow at a shopping mall in Johannesburg, wouldn’t mind if she shared her bench.


Much closer to home, we have a couple of memorial benches just above our beach access, where it’s great to sit and watch the waves.


Just a little farther along the beach path, there are more benches.



There are plenty of rocks on the beach itself, which make great improvised benches


You can even use them for a little get together and a sing along.


The pier also has a few benches,


all with spectacular views.


When you get to the end of the promenade, you can sit for a while and rest your legs, before the return 2 km trek back home. Well that’s what I was intending to do, but someone got there before me. 😦


Well, I think I’m all benched out now, but if you would like to see more, just click on this link.