“Those that survive” – Sidey’s weekend challenge

Yesterday’s lunch with my mom and sister, was lovely. We went to a restaurant in a mall near my mom’s house. There’s a piano there, and when the manager isn’t busy, he sits down and plays a few tunes. 🙂 It was a very special time, being the last lunch we would share for six months, so as you can imagine, there was so much to chat about.

After we’d dropped mom off, we had to drive through the picturesque Krantzkloof Gorge, along a narrow and winding tree-lined road. There has been a lot of tree-felling going on for some time now, and I was sad to see once beautiful, tall Blue Gum trees, now reduced to piles of logs.


This Australian import was introduced to South Africa by British botanist, Sir Joseph Banks, and is able to consume 2,000 litres of water per day!  This obviously has a negative impact on the environment, and has caused it to be regarded as an invader; hence it’s removal. This sight reminded me of my blog friend Sidey’s challenge, so I quickly took some photos to show those that bit the dust, and some of  “those that survived” the purge, because they hold the right passport. 🙂

I have been busy trying to decide what to pack for the six months away, and have a closet full of clothes which must now be sifted through. Some will be put in the case, and the others will survive to live through another summer here in South Africa. Maybe they will get their turn for an overseas trip next time around. 🙂


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