Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Ups and Downs

This is the first time I’m doing Cee’s challenge. She asks us to post photos of the ways people go up and down, and says, “The only limit, is that the person actually has to be outdoors and not enclosed in an airplane or helicopter or elevator.” I have a few photos which I think fit the criteria.

The first is of hubby, just about to fall through the air into the safety net after trying out the trapeze at Club Med in Phuket.

Here is our sweet granddaughter climbing up the Jungle Gym when she visited us in South Africa,

and here she is, coming down the other side.

So many steps at the great Wall of China. They just carried on for ever it seemed. and the wall itself is estimated to be over 4,000 miles from end to end. The Great Wall Marathon is a 7.5km ‘fun’ run, which involves 5164 steps. That should get you in trim, for sure. 🙂

This is me, parasailing off the beach in Phuket. What goes up, must come down….right?  I was hoping like crazy, that this saying was true, and with not too much of a bump either. 😀 ( Do you see that crazy guy with his legs around my waist? He started off standing on my shoulders, and had no harness at all. I was praying that he didn’t fall, or I would have had to work out how to land myself.)

I hope you enjoyed my up and down photos. To see more interpretations of Cee’s Fun Foto challenge, just click here.