Weekend theme: Colour

My blogger friend, viewfromtheside, has given us a weekend theme, and this time it’s “Colour.”

What would our world be if we only saw things in black and white, even if occasionally, we did manage to have a few different shades of grey?

I used some of of my best photos for colour, for the “Capture the Colour” competition, but I still have a few up my sleeve. 🙂

This is the Ammazulu Palace where I went with my family for a belated Birthday lunch.  As you can see, the whole place is ablaze with colour.

I saw these beautiful brightly coloured spices at a market stall in Bolivia.

On a cloudy, rainy day in Thailand, the brilliant green and red of our long-tail boat, was the only  bit of colour we saw, as we  sat sodden almost to the skin, but determined to enjoy ourselves.

This gorgeous little bird posed so nicely for a photo, at Kuranda Bird World in Cairns.  They don’t come much more gaudy than this.

My granddaughter painted this parrot picture, which also shows the brilliantly coloured plumage of these exotic birds.

In Phuket, almost everyone rides around on bicycles or mopeds, with sometimes three or four crowded on at once. It’s quite unusual to see people wearing helmets, even though there are a myriad colours to choose from.

Also in Thailand, the parasails are very brightly coloured indeed, just so that one can be clearly seen against the dull grey of the sky. This is the craziest and most exhilarating  thing I’ve ever done on impulse. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my colour  share. To see more bloggers’ interpretations of sidey’s theme, click here.