Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

I have an old button tin, in fact it’s 60 years old this year. This is a very special old tin, a Coronation Casket issued by Payne’s Poppets, manufacturers of confectionery in England since 1937. Doesn’t Queen Elizabeth ll look young and beautiful? In 1953 when it was bought, it contained toffees and since then, has been well used over the years. It travelled with us all the way from England to South Africa, and I guess one day it will find itself living in Florida with me. I haven’t kept it because of its beauty, and as you can see, it’s rather scratched. It’s just always been my button tin, ever since my mom passed it on to me when I got married. When my sister and I were children, if the weather wasn’t fine enough to play outside. mom often would pull out the button tin for us to play with, and we would happily play at being shop keepers, using buttons for money.


Many of the buttons in my box hold special memories for me. That brushed gold button down on the left, once adorned my funky pink shiny plastic coat which I wore with pride in the 1960’s. Mini skirts were all the rage then, and my coat was very short. To complete the outfit, I had knee-high white crinkly plastic boots, and I really thought I was the ‘bee’s knees’. The shiny gold button at the back, was a spare for my favourite red cardigan which I wore until it almost fell to pieces, and the tiny rabbit-shaped buttons are from my daughter’s crocheted baby jacket. I can get quite nostalgic as I look through my strange assortment of buttons, and even though I may never use any of them again, I know I can’t throw them out. It’s not just any old tin box, but a box full of memories.


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