Boats for Sue’s challenge

Sue of  ‘A Word in Your Ear’ blog, has given us the word ‘Boat’ for this week’s challenge. I’ve been on many boats in my life, from little kayaks, to cruise ships, and once on the ‘RMS Windsor Castle’, which carried us from England to South Africa in 1970 when we started our adventure here as new immigrants. This ship was the last Union Castle passenger liner, and was taken out of commission in 1976. We had a lovely voyage, with lots of entertainment, including a disco every night. There was a party for all the children, and here is our sweet little 2-year-old daughter Mandy with her balloon.


Every day I see container ships from my bedroom window, and I often wonder what goods they’re carrying and how often their crew members get to see their families back home. It must be a very tough life.


I have a few lovely boat photos, so thought I’d put these into a gallery. Click on any pic to view.

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