Sandy is no TreeHugger.

I had a message from my son, late this morning. He and the family are fine, except for the fact that their power has been out for more than a day now, and it’s unlikely that it will be restored anytime soon.  They do have friends who aren’t affected by the power outage, so he was able to go round to their house to recharge his phone and send me these photos.

His back yard wasn’t badly hit, as after the last hurricane, he had many big trees removed, so this time, it’s just a few branches that were damaged.

One year, he had a humongous tree uproot itself from the sidewalk, and fall right across his front lawn, smashing into the front of his house. Luckily no-one was home at the time, as it did tremendous damage.

Some of the neighbours had similar incidents this time, as Sandy decided that certain trees were in the wrong place. Such a pretty pic, but look more closely,

and you can see that it landed right on top of a car parked in the driveway.

It’s going to take some time before the streets are cleaned up.

At least I know my family is all safe and they have great friends who have offered help whilst the power is off. At times like these, everyone is only too willing to give assistance. It’s amazing how a calamity draws people closer together. Thanks so much to you all for your concern. This blogging community is made up of wonderfully caring people. đŸ™‚

Waiting for news.

I’ve been watching the news of Sandy’s terrible devastation and destruction, and  am so sad for those people who have lost their homes, and are really suffering the after effects. I haven’t had any word from my son since yesterday, when he posted this pic on Facebook after one of the huge trees in his street was uprooted . The photo was taken from his front porch.

I’ve sent him a couple of Whatsapps, asking how they’re doing, but no reply. I know they have had no power since yesterday lunchtime, so will wait patiently for more news.