Ailsa’s theme: Couples #2

I was out and about at one of our local malls yesterday, and still had Ailsa’s “Couples” theme in my mind.

I used to be a very shy person, but these days I’m much braver. I did however surprise myself yesterday. I saw a father and his teenage son walking towards the mall from the car park. The young man’s shoes just seemed to wave at me; they were a couple of beauties, so I chased after them, and just inside the door, I asked, “Please can I photograph your shoes for my blog?” The son looked bemused, but his dad was so proud that someone wished to take a pic of them, so he positioned him nicely, and made him put his feet neatly together for the occasion. I snapped them, and they actually thanked me! You have to admit that they are quite different. 😆

Emboldened by my successful attempt as a roving photographer, I followed this elderly couple who were pushing a stroller. I was eager to see what must surely be their cute little grandchild.

When I got in front of them, I saw that the baby was covered in white fur! The couple didn’t mind at all when I asked if I could photograph him, and his ‘mummy’ even asked him to smile for me, but he was not amused. 🙂

I’m afraid my next shot was rather sneaky, but I could hardly wake up this couple of sleeping beauties, or should I rather call them “Rip Van Winkles,” to ask their permission, now could I? 🙂

A bit further along, I saw a pair of REAL beauties on display. A couple of “His ‘n’ Hers” super luxury autos. Hubby and I couldn’t agree on who should have the Rolls and who should have the Bentley, so we ended up not buying them. 😦

Then of course if one is looking for a really nice pair. there’s always the ‘Victoria’s Secret’ storefront.

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