Up on the roof. “Odd jobs”

Side View’s weekend challenge, “odd jobs,” came on a day when there were a few odd jobs to be done around the house.  We had noticed a bit of discoloration on our staircase ceiling, which meant that rain water had been seeping through the seal around the skylight. Lucky for me, I wasn’t expected to climb the long ladder, or HORRORS, actually walk on the roof. Surprised  Hubby really seems to enjoy getting up there, whether it’s to fiddle with his weather station, TV aerial, or just to check on the roof tiles, and many’s the time when there’s been a phone call for him, and I’ve had to tell the person on the other end, “Sorry, he’s on the roof right now. Can I get him to call you back?” Usually, there’s a stunned silence before they answer in the affirmative, obviously not wishing to appear nosy and ask “What on earth is he doing on the roof?” This morning, the help of our caretaker was enlisted, and soon the job was underway.

I was sitting in my study at the top of the stairs, and could hear them happily chatting away up there. Men can be quite odd sometimes, but they do come in very useful for odd jobs. I’d asked hubby to take his camera up, and get a nice shot of the sea from his excellent vantage point.

Whilst he was standing up there, I suddenly had this memory from way back when, of my sister and I, as young girls, singing the then hugely popular,  Tommy Cooper song, which in 1961, was his one and only hit single in Britain.

It’s such a silly and ridiculous song, but we found it hilarious. I suppose you’d need to have a British sense of humour to find it funny, but here are the lyrics. I was going to post the YouTube link in case you should like it so much that you wanted to sing along, but maybe not. Laughing

Daddy came home from work tired
His boss had been driving him mad.
The kids were all shouting, the dog bit him too
His dinner was nothing but boiled over stew.

I guess it was then he decided
Up to the rooftop he’d go
He was about to jump off when
The kids started howling below

‘Don’t jump off the roof, Dad
You’ll make a hole in the yard
Mother’s just planted petunias
The weeding and seeding was hard

If you must end it all, Dad
Won’t you please give us a break
Just take a walk down the park, Dad
And there you can jump in the lake.

Well, I’m relieved to be able to tell you that the odd job is all done, and no-one fell, or jumped off the roof. Wink

Have a great weekend everyone. Chat again soon.