Ali Baba for Wordless Wednesday

I just hope that none of Ali Baba’s forty thieves are around. 😀


Photo taken behind a restaurant in San Pedro.


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Last night in Elvi’s Kitchen

Yesterday whilst out walking in San Pedro, and getting our ‘last day fix’ of sandy streets, flying golf carts and speedsters on rusty old bicycles, we came upon a restaurant simply called, ‘Elvi’s Kitchen’. We stopped outside, and perused the menu. Hubby remembered that this place had some good mentions  on ‘Trip Advisor’, so we decided that this would be the venue for our last dinner in Belize.


It didn’t have a sea view, unlike the Blue Water Grill where we have had most of our meals, but once we stepped inside, that wasn’t a problem. The decor more than made up for it. There was a sandy floor, great lighting, colourful paintings by Belizean artists, adorning every wall, and a really vibrant atmosphere. (This was an ‘overflow’ room, and we waited until the diners had left, before taking a photo.)


A myriad ceiling fans whirred overhead.


We had booked, so were given a table not too far away from the musician. There’s just something special about Caribbean music, and this guy played mostly his own compositions, which varied from calypso to reggae, and everything in between. I particularly enjoyed his rendition of ‘Black Magic Woman’.


The food was really delicious. from my ‘Plantain Crusted Calamari’,


and hubby’s ‘Black Bean soup’,


to the ‘Margarita Shrimp’, cooked in lime, triple sec, and flambéed with tequila,


and hubby’s ‘Mayan Chicken’ with adobo sauce and steamed in a banana leaf.


What a fabulous evening to end our trip, and now I really must get those cases packed and be off to the airport. Of course the weather today is the best we’ve had all week. 😕

Lunch with a view

Our last day in San Pedro, and the weather is gorgeous, but the sun is rather fierce, so we found a shady table at a beach cafe. We decided this would be the healthiest and most cooling lunch.


Just in front of us, there were several activities going on. It’s a perfect day for a bit of yachting.


This kite surfer was also having fun,


and the pelicans were keeping a look out for their lunch.


Tomorrow we head back to Florida. It’s been such a great week.