Funny and weird signs for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

I have quite a collection of photos for Cee’s challenge, and some you may have seen a few of them before, as Ailsa had the same theme last year.

On our beach, there is a sand sculptor who plies his trade right opposite one of the two snazziest 5 star hotels in Umhlanga. There is always a message on his sculpture, and I think he does quite well out of the tourists. (The ‘Durban July’ is South Africa’s most famous horse race, and attracts race goers from all over Africa.)


Along the promenade are many holiday apartments, this sign is prominent outside one of them.


Up the road in the village is a hardware store, and I couldn’t resist snapping some of the signs for sale.



My trip to Belize in January, yielded many photo opportunities. There were funny signs everywhere.


Some of them were rather scary,


and even threatening.


The bar in our hotel had some interesting cocktails, but I stuck to the Mojitos. I didn’t dare order that first one. 😯


At breakfast I was inspired every day by the thoughts posted on the wall of the dining room, especially, “Live in a state of radical appreciation.”


This sign in the restroom at Belize airport, intrigued me somewhat.


Here’s a rather encouraging sign I saw in a restaurant in England.


I remember this, so don’t worry about cholesterol when I’m eating pizza at one of  my favourite local restaurants.


Here’s a sign I and my granddaughters always find hard to resist.


Coney Island in Brooklyn New York, has many so-called attractions. Would you be tempted to pay your money to see this show? I wasn’t even mildly curious.


Now, this sign on hubby’s sister’s patio wall, sounds far more entertaining.


Here is a T-shirt I wanted to buy for hubby, but he wasn’t keen.


Only in Miami would you find yourself following a bus with this advertisement on the back. :).


I have quite a few more signs I could show you, but I’m off to hide myself from the aliens. 😯 I saw this message on a fridge magnet at a flea market in Florida. The stallholder told us that  she has it on her fridge door, just in case she feels like trying to diet. 🙂


The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us.” ~Bill Watterson

Have a great weekend, and if you’re a mom, have a very happy Mother’s Day.

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